Joe Purdy w/ Earl Buck

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Singer-songwriter and modern folk pioneer Joe Purdy is back on the road touring in 2022 with a new album, Coyote. Recorded sometime between 2019 and 2020, Coyote is Purdy’s first to follow up 2016’s Who Will Be Next? that has only since been followed by music from the soundtrack for the feature film American Folk, in which Purdy appeared. The release is available now and has a full length, film-style visualizer accompanies the entire album. Purdy wrote about the album:

“I’m gonna share this record that I made with you. I honestly don’t know if it’s any good or not. I’m much harder on myself than I used to be. I’m working on that. I try to be brutally honest in my writing. Sometimes that sings good and sometimes it’s downright hard to hear back. This one is extra vulnerable which is probably why it’s a bit of a rub for me. I not only wrote but also recorded this record at a particularly dark time, by myself in the middle of the desert. I think you can hear the way I felt in the recordings themselves. Low energy even for me. I’m not actually sure that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s cool. Maybe it’s really not. It is what it is.

$25 General // $30 Premium