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Albert Cummings

Genre: Blues Guitar

Breaking every cliche associated with the blues while producing some of the most powerful music of the 21st century comes natural to Albert Cummings. The Massachusetts native learned the requisite three chords on the guitar from his father, but then switched to playing banjo at age 12 and became a fan of bluegrass music. Before graduating he heard the early recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan, however, and was floored by the virtuosity. While in college he saw Vaughan perform and he returned to the guitar with a new outlook and resolve. Not until he was 27, an age when other musicians were either already established or had long ago put their dream aside for the realities of life, did Albert finally decide to go for it.

An intense period of wood shedding resulted Albert sharing a bill with Double Trouble, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section. So taken with Albert's fire and passion were bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton that they volunteered to play on and produce his debut recording. In 2003 the aptly-titled From the Heart (Under the Radar), with the awesome power of a Nor'easter and the soul of a natural born artist.

Tours and shows with blues legends B.B. King, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy and others brought his music to an audience grateful for the opportunity to be rocked hard by a man possessed to play every song like his life depended on it.

Albert Cummings is a man of his times and the man for the times. He has built his own musical edifice that expresses his thoughts and dreams. It is a vision that alternately excites and soothes while also clearly providing a glimpse of his unlimited future. The best is yet to come.

Alpha Rev Unplugged w/ Jared & The Mill

Genre: Alternative Rock , Pop , Singer-songwriter

“I want the band to mark a moment in time, to celebrate the being of something new;

The light at the end of the tunnel, the first step toward revealing something that needs to be seen,” says singer-songwriter Casey McPherson of Alpha Rev. Following the Triple A Radio success of New Morning (2010), the band’s third album Bloom (March 19, 2013 on Kirtland Records) is a set of personally transformative and redemptive songs, born in the spirit of creative expansion, and a mandate to blossom and grow.

“To bloom implies something beautiful is going to happen, but it’s a process---just like our own journeys,” says McPherson.

“Casey and I met when we were really young, and have been playing music with each other off and on over the past 13 years,” explains guitarist Zak Loy. “That growth comes across in the music the group is creating now,” he says. Rooted in lyrical wisdom, the more recent addition of drummer Tabber Millard---trained by master percussionists---is credited for the band’s contemporary tribal rhythms. “Tabber means drummer boy in Arabic and his life revolves around this gift he has,” says McPherson. Newest Alpha Rev addition Jeff Bryant rounds out the band, playing pedal steel, piano, organ, and bass.

With a glistening rock sound that is at once fragile and tough, Bloom picks up threads from the past while it takes a big bite into the eternal here and now. Drawing from the wellspring of American history, the grandeur of its landscape, and life's sweet and tragic mysteries, McPherson leans into his personal challenges as well as the wages of the 21st Century and emerges with a triumphant statement on the ways in which music can serve as a constant source of strength and inspiration.

The shimmering, hymn-like “Sing Loud” - created with songwriter/producer Jamie Kenney (“He’s cut from the same stone I am,” says McPherson) - confronts a failing relationship, “But with the belief that you’re going to experience freedom again,” McPherson explains.

Love and death informs the heart-wrenching “Lexington,” based on actual historical love letters from Civil War soldiers to their wives and families. “The amount of pain they were in to be away from those they loved while their lives were at stake was incredible,” says McPherson.

“’Black Sky,’ is about dealing with losing everything you have from a fire. ‘Lonely Man,’ is about losing your family from working too much and ‘When You Gonna Run,’ is about losing the ability to look good in front of somebody,” he says.

“Alpha Rev is a collective of musicians,” explains McPherson, “Once you join, you’re never really gone.” On Bloom, Alex Dunlap holds down the bass, while Brian Batch (violin, viola) and Dave Wiley (cello) serve as the band’s string section. The players were joined in the studio by a longtime friend of McPherson's, Dwight Baker (Brandi Carlile, Bob Schneider); he oversaw the project in his Austin studio. Producer Jamie Kenney (Marc Broussard) also worked with the band for two songs on Bloom. “Austin is a great city that takes care of musicians; it helps foster ideas and creativity,” says McPherson. Producer Jamie Kenney (Marc Broussard) also worked with the band for two songs on Bloom.

Since his beginnings in Jackson, Texas, where he was classically trained on piano, McPherson has traveled the distance: Working in a recording studio by age 16, at 17 he was touring overseas as a keyboard player; at 19 he formed Endochine, its name translating from its Latin and Greek roots as “to explode from within.” Turning once again to ancient alphabets for his band’s handle, “Alpha Rev is a combination of the Greek word for the beginning, and the incredible Latin prefix rev, as in revolve, revolt, reveal,” he says. The band’s Hollywood Records debut, New Morning (produced by David Kahne) rose to #3 on the Triple A chart, reaching an audience 40 million listeners-strong. The title song and “Phoenix Burn” also entered the charts.

Yet while scaling his own dreams, McPherson lost both his father and brother to suicide. Forming in 2005, Alpha Rev, became a vehicle to grapple with the outpouring of grief that results from losses of that magnitude. Today, McPherson helps others who've lost family to depression and suicide as a volunteer spokesperson for the National Institute of Mental Health organization, Mental Health America of Texas [].

“Music changes people,” says McPherson. “We’re trying to find happiness in music as opposed to self-destruction,” he says. “It’s my desire, and has always been to be a part of our group, that we make each other better musicians, we make each other better men, we challenge each other, we fight and we forgive. Everybody in the band has really adopted that ideal,” says McPherson. “Alpha Rev is more than a band name---it’s a motto.”

An Acoustic Evening With Parachute

Genre: Acoustic Rock , Pop , Pop-Rock

Parachute took root in the college town of Charlottesville, Virginia, where the group honed its mix of pop/rock, funk, and contemporary blue-eyed soul under the original name Sparky's Flaw. Formed by high school students Will Anderson (vocals, guitar), Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Christopher "Kit" French (saxophone, keyboards), Alex Hargrave (bass), and Nate McFarland (guitar), Sparky's Flaw generated a healthy buzz around town and eventually became popular at the nearby University of Virginia, where they opened for Robert Randolph. After gaining more popularity with an independently released EP, 2005's One Small Step, the guys partnered with Red Light Management and later signed with Smash Records, an imprint of the recently revived Mercury Records.

Before entering their final year at the University of Virginia, Sparky's Flaw released a self-titled EP in August 2007 and began laying the groundwork for a full-length album. Several months later, the band adopted a new name -- Parachute -- and contributed a song to the national TV campaign for Nivea. Losing Sleep appeared in May 2009, marking Parachute's major-label debut and peaking at number 40 on the Billboard charts. The band opened for Kelly Clarkson that fall and appeared on the Internet broadcast Live at Daryl's House with Daryl Hall. More touring took place the following year, including additional dates with Clarkson and a headlining run with British songwriter Joe Brooks. Parachute began including newer songs in their set lists and eventually returned to the studio to record their sophomore effort, 2011's The Way It Was. Overnight, the band's third long-player, arrived in 2013. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi

An Evening with Madeleine Peyroux

Genre: Guitarist , Jazz , Pop , Singer-songwriter

  1. Thursday, September 24 8:00 PM (All ages)
  2. Friday, September 25 8:00 PM (All ages)

‘The only thing that matters is the song’ says singer songwriter Madeleine Peyroux. A conviction that along with a ‘one of a kind ’ voice has carried the award winning artist from busking on the streets of Paris, all the way to stardom.

Sixteen years after her Dreamland debut, it is not hard to see why Peyroux’s genre defying blend of jazz and pop continues to enthrall the music world.

Through six universally praised albums ‘Jazz’s brightest star’ has gained a reputation for an impeccable choice of material, creating a genuine buzz of anticipation amongst fans and the industry at large.

Lending her seductively expressive voice to classic standards as well as thoroughly modern tunes, Peyroux has made an undiminishing mark as an uncanny and insightful ‘interpreter’.

From Holiday to Dylan, Bessie Smith to Leonard Cohen, Peyroux sheds a striking new light onto familiar musical gems while making each phrase and croon her very own, some say ‘creating new classics along the way’.

The free spirited singer, songwriter and guitarist began her musical adventure as a teenager in Paris, when ‘drawn to the music of the streets’, the 15 year old left high school and joined a touring blues and jazz band. ‘Someone gave me early Columbia recordings with Billie Holiday and instructed me to learn the songs'.

Years later, her undeniable talent was spotted at a New York club by Atlantic Records’ Yves Beauvais who signed her to the label and co-produced her 1996 debut album Dreamland. Peyroux’s dreamily husky voice enchanted punters and critics alike but it was the 2004 Careless Love that proved to be a milestone release for the artist, bringing mainstream recognition and marking the start of a prolific collaboration with producer Larry Klein.

The charmingly humble artist who ‘didn’t have any expectation of becoming someone that could make a dent in the outside world.’ has done just that. ‘There is no telling what the future will bring’ but it is clear to see that Madeleine Peyroux’s musical journey is only just beginning.

Asleep at the Wheel w/ Bill Carter

Genre: Swing , Country , Roots Rock

  1. Tuesday, August 25 7:30 PM (All ages)

Protean western swing-styled American unit who have retained a loyal US fanbase since the early 1970s, earning six Grammy Awards, keeping a buzz on a genre that might be described as "fringe," all while maintaining a musical integrity that's never wavered.

Since the early '70s, Asleep at the Wheel have been the most important force in keeping the sound of Western swing alive. In reviving the freewheeling, eclectic sensibility of Western swing godfather Bob Wills, the Wheel have earned enthusiastic critical praise throughout their lengthy career; they have not only preserved classic sounds that had all but disappeared from country music, but have also been able to update the music, keeping it a living, breathing art form. Typically featuring eight to 11 musicians, the group has gone through myriad personnel changes (at last count, over 80 members had passed through their ranks), but 6'7" frontman Ray Benson has held it together for four decades, keeping Asleep at the Wheel a viable recording and touring concern and maintaining their devotion to classic-style Western swing.

Billy Brandt w/ The Thing & Stuff Jazz band

Genre: Blues , Jazz , Rock , Soul

Billy Brandt sings and swings with a style marked by soul, grit and groove. His original music speaks to every man themes of love, loss and possibility and reflects a depth of influences, from Ray Charles and Lou Rawls, to Frank Sinatra and Mose Allison. Armed with persuasion, stage presence and his rockin’ group The Thing and Stuff Jazz Band, Billy charms audiences with a confection of jazz, rock, blues and soul. 

Bobby Rush w/ Chebon Tiger

Genre: Blues

Mississippi roots artist Bobby Rush’s Down in Louisiana(Deep Rush/ Thirty Tigers) has been nominated for a 2014 Grammy Award for Best Blues Album. Produced by Paul Brown at his Ocean Soul Studios in Nashville, the disc revels in the grit, grind and soul that’s been the blues innovator’s trademark since the 1960s, when Rush stood shoulder to shoulder on the stages of Chicago with Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and other giants.

“I’m so grateful and honored to receive this nomination at my age,” says Rush, who is 79 years old. “It means the world to me, because it shows that after all these years in this business, I’m still making music that my peers and listeners find exciting and worthy of this acknowledgement.”

“Rush still, indeed, has an energy level that fits his name. He’s a prolific songwriter and one of the most vital live performers in the blues, able to execute daredevil splits on stage with the finesse of a young James Brown while singing and playing harmonica and guitar. Those talents have earned him multiple Blues Music Awards including Soul Blues Album of the Year, Acoustic Album of the Year, and, almost perennially, Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year.

Rush began absorbing the blues from his birth in Homer, Louisiana, on November 10, 1935. He learned guitar and harmonica and started playing juke joints in his teens, wearing a fake mustache so owners would think him old enough to perform in their clubs. In 1953 his family relocated to Chicago, where his musical education shifted to hyperspeed under the spell of Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmore James and other blues legends.

In the ’60s Rush became a bandleader in order to realize the funky soul-blues sound that he was developing. After 1971’s percolating “Chicken Heads” became his first R&B Top 40 hit, he relocated to Mississippi to be closer to his fan base in the South. His performances grew from small juke joints to nightclubs, civic auditoriums and, by the mid-’80s, Las Vegas casinos and the world’s most prominent blues festivals. Rush’s ascent was depicted in The Road to Memphis, a film co-starring B.B. King that was part of the 2003 PBS series Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues. Rush has released nearly 30 album since the 1970s. Down in Louisiana is his first on the Nashville-based Thirty Tigers imprint.

Brad Gibson Trio

Genre: Jazz , Organist

  1. Saturday, August 22 9:00 PM (21+)

Organ-laced jazz courtesy of Brad Gibson, Ari Joshua and Joe Doria.

Brazilian Nights! Paula Santoro with Jovino Santos Neto, Chuck Deardorf, Jeff Busch

Genre: Brazilian

  1. Sunday, September 13 7:30 PM (All ages)

Paula Santoro de Sousa Lima was born in Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais (Brazil). From an early start, singing was a big part of her life. At the young age of 3 she entertained her family by singing children’s songs during family reunions.

Her professional career began as a member of the Nós & Voz vocal group. In addition to tours throughout Brazil, the group participated in the musical “Manoel, o Audaz”, with script by Fernando Brant and recorded HUM, Paula’s first album at 25. During this period she also performed with Cláudio Nucci, Sérgio Santos and Rosa Emília in the show “Mar de Mineiro”, a tribute to the poet Cacaso.

After the Nós & Voz experience and Cacaso’s musical, Paula entered the teritory of progressive rock. Invited by Brazil’s progressive rock master Marcus Viana, Paula joined the renowned group Sagrado Coração da Terra with which she went on the “Pantanal” tour and recorded the opening theme of “Ana Raio e Zé Trovão,” soap operas on the former Manchete TV network. She also took part in the third album by Sagrado, “Farol da Liberdade”, one of the most representative works of the group.

At 26, she received the Faísca Award for Best Singer of Minas Gerais, an achievement she repeated three years later.

Paula made her international debut while singing in one of the World Cup’s largest events, “Brahma Brasil Festival” in France, alongside renowned artists such as Gilberto Gil, O Rappa, Skank, Paralamas do Sucesso, Fernanda Abreu and Antonio Villeroy, among others.

In 2000 she participated in the Novo Canto Project in Rio de Janeiro, which discovered new talent from all over Brazil (with Chico César as sponsor), and was one of the 10 artists chosen to perform at the Canecão Music Hall at the project’s closing ceremony. In addition she dubbed the voice of actress Maria Fernanda Cândido in the global miniseries “Aquarela do Brasil”, becoming more known to the general public. She also acted in the short film “Castigo” by Minas Gerais filmmaker José Américo Ribeiro and recorded part of the movie’s sound track.

In 2003 Paula was invited by Nestor Sant’Anna to record the album Sabiá, to be distributed as a gift to clients of Vallée, a Minas Gerais company. Although not a career album with commercial purposes, it was through this CD that Paula launched her first European tour. In Luxemburg, Germany and England she performed to enthusiastic audiences. Her well received performance in London at Momo’s Kemia Bar resulted in an invitation to return to the city in November of the same year for a performance at The Forum with singer Alcione. The concert was titled “Forever Samba” and was a Brazilian Contemporary Arts project, celebrating the centenary birth of Ary Barroso and was a hit with both the public and the media.

While still in London Paula sang on the best known music show on British TV, “Later with Jools Holland” (BBC-TV2), as well as on radio shows “Late Junction” and “BBC Radio London”. In the published press she received positive reviews in “Time Out” magazine and in the “Evening Standard” newspaper.

She recorded six tracks of a tribute to Tom Jobim that was released by London record company Union Square. Paula also participated in the “Brazilian Love Songs” collection together with Joyce, Marcos Valle, Everything But the Girl and Celso Fonseca, among others.

Back in Brazil Paula entered the samba world with a special performance in shows of the Gafieira de Bolso group led by sax player Eduardo Neves. The group performed for two years at the best show halls in the hopping Lapa district in Rio de Janeiro. The partnership continued with the group CD in which Paula sang two songs.

At the end of 2004 Paula began to record what she considers to be her first solo album, establishing her musical identity. It wasn’t a coincidence the CD was titled Paula Santoro and had as its strongest influences the Clube da Esquina sounds and the freedom of jazz.

Released in 2005 by recording company Biscoito Fino in Brazil and in Argentina, and under the label Rip Curl Recordings in Japan, the CD had special participation by Chico Buarque, Toninho Horta, Nelson Angelo, Jaques Morelenbaum and Banda Mantiqueira, among other great Brazilian musicians and was produced by Rodolfo Stroeter and Rafael Vernet.

In 2006, Paula toured with her band throughout Brazil, to promote Paula Santoro. Critical acclaim from the public and media led to an invitation to participate in the project “Sintonia Fina” led by Nélson Motta. She participated in the “Pixinguinha Project” with Wilson das Neves, from Rio de Janeiro and Antonio Pereira from Amazonas, touring central-western Brazil. She sang with Flávio Venturini in the show “Conexão Telemig Celular”, in Belo Horizonte and appeared in some of the top jazz festivals in Brazil, such as “Tudo é Jazz” in Ouro Preto and “Tim Valadares Jazz Festival” in Governador Valadares.

At the end of 2006 she embarked on her third European tour, highlighted by concerts at the traditional Jazzkeller (Frankfurt) and Gasteig, the largest cultural center in Munich.

In 2013, Paula released Mar do Meu Mundo, an album with songs sequenced as if they were part of a single narrative. “I wanted this album to reflect who I am at this moment, like snapshot of my life” she says. “I am in a phase in my life where I’m very happy with who I am, with what I do, and what I care most about. For me, now, every song has become like an individual person, with a soul all its own.”

Official Web Site:

Brendan O'Donnell Quintet

Genre: Blues , Guitarist , Jazz , Rock , Soul

Brendan O'Donnell has become known in the northwest as a virtuosic and soulful jazz guitarist. He's played in Seattle, NYC and Bangkok. Brendan has performed and studied along side some of the greatest living guitarist in the world such as Peter Bernstein, Mike Moreno and Giliad Heckselman. The quintet is comprised of some of the northwest's most in demand professional players, Pianist John Hansen (performed with Eric Alexander), Bassist Michael Glynn (has performed with Harold Mabern and Peter Berntstein), Drummer Adam Kessler (Jay Thomas and Ernestine Anderson) and Tenorist Adam Harris (Jerry Bergonzi and George Colligan). This will be a amazing night of live music that anyone can enjoy.

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