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“Jamming for June” – Gilda’s Club Seattle Benefit

Genre: Benefit , Jazz , Pop , Singer-songwriter

  1. Sunday, August 24 7:00 PM (21+)

Gilda’s Club Seattle, established in 2001 in honor of the late Gilda Radner, provides free services for men, women, teens, and children who are living with cancer, along with their family members and friends. In the ten years since opening, we have served people on more than 100,000 occasions.

All donations collected at the “Jamming for June” benefit go directly to Gilda’s Club Seattle.

The Chaz Lipp Group feat. Lisa Fox:

Saxophonist Chaz Lipp is a disciple of the late Northwest jazz legend Don Lanphere, with whom he studied for several years. In addition to organizing the “Jamming for June” benefit, Chaz will lead his group through soulful jazz tunes as well as accompany Lisa Fox for a set of Great American Songbook classics.

Lisa Fox learned gospel from Cora Jackson, jazz from Jay Clayton, and later studied with Greta Matassa.  Lisa sang with the Shades of Praise Gospel Choir for many years, recorded three CDs, and toured with the group in China. Lisa’s album of acclaimed jazz standards is titled “Watch What Happens.”

Kristin Allen-Zito:

Kristin Allen-Zito is a songwriter from Bellingham, WA, well known for being the lead singer of the electro-punk band The Trucks. She’s also a solo artist whose songs are rooted in the folk idiom. She has played shows around the Pacific Northwest for years, and has also made several regional tours of the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest, & New York.

Sanjaya Malakar:

Sanjaya Malakar rocketed to national fame in 2007 as a popular finalist on American Idol. National tours, recording projects, and TV & radio appearances have kept him busy during the following years. Sanjaya continues to focus on performing and recording and is currently prepping a studio album. At “Jamming for June” he will be backed by The Chaz Lipp Group.

“The Harper’s Dream” Patrick Ball, Aryeh Frankfurter, Lisa Lynn, Kim Robertson, Erik AskUpmark

Genre: Folk

  1. Saturday, October 11 8:00 PM (All ages)

Five of world’s finest folk harpers on one stage. One show only.

This show brought to us by Dusty Strings, the one and only place of its kind in Fremont!

4th of July Party! w/ The True Romans

Genre: Classic Rock , Everything , Pop

Get your pre-fireworks, patriotic party in, with All Day Happy Hour and Live Music by The True Romans!

The True Romans are a rock cover band consisting of a rotating lineup of local musicians, all of whom come from other Seattle bands.  The band started as a side project but quickly blossomed into a full fledged gig machine, always entertaining and always pleasing to the ears!

Conquering your requests is what they do!

The core of The True Romans is comprised of:

Justin Kausal-Hayes: Vocals, Guitar, and Bass

Andrew Cloutier: Drums, Vocals

Scotty Harris: Bass, Vocals

Additional members include:

Ronan O'Mahoney: Vocals, Guitar, and bass

Nabil Kausal-Hayes: Vocals, Guitar, and Bass

The True Romans hail from members of these fine Seattle bands:

Author Unknown, Buckets of Rain, Dirty Rice, Left Hand Smoke, Lee Oskar and Friends, Vote for Pedro


A Winged Victory For The Sullen w/ Hildur Gudnadottir from Múm

Genre: Ambient , Experimental , Modern

  1. Tuesday, December 09 7:30 PM (All ages)

‘A Winged Victory For The Sullen’ is the first installment of the new collaboration between Stars Of The Lid member Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O’Halloran. The duo agreed to leave the comfort zone of their home studios and develop the recordings with the help of large acoustic spaces, hunting down a selection of 9ft grand pianos that had the ability to deliver extreme sonic low end. Other traditional instrumentation was used including string quartet, French horn, and bassoon, but always juxtaposed is the sound of drifting guitar washed melodies. The recordings began with one late night session in the famed Grunewald Church in Berlin on a 1950s imperial Bösendorfer piano and strings were added in the historic East Berlin DDR radio studios along the River Spree. One last session on a handmade Fazioli piano in a private studio deep in the Northern cusp of Italy, before the final mixes took place in a 17th century villa near Ferrara with the assistance of Francesco Donadello. All songs were then processed completely analogue straight to magnetic tape. Their secret to harvesting new melodic structures from the thin air of existence was for the duo to push themselves to dangerous territory, realising that clear thinking at the wrong moment could stifle the compositions. The final result is seven landscapes of harmonic ingemination. In ‘Requiem For The Static King Part One’ – created in memory of the untimely passing of Mark Linkous – they have taken the age-old idea of a string quartet and then shot it out a cannon to reveal exquisite new levels of sonic bliss. Of the 13 minute track ‘Symphony Pathétique’, Wiltzie says ‘after almost 20 years of struggling to create interesting ambient drone music, I feel like I have finally figured out what I am doing’. Notable guest musicians include Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadottir, as well as Erased Tapes label comrade Peter Broderick on violin. A Winged Victory For The Sullen is not a side project – it is the future of the late night record you have always dreamed of.

On May 24th 2007, in Bologna, Italy, Adam was on tour and playing with the late Mark Linkous & his beloved Sparklehorse, on what would be their final European tour. That night Adam invited friend and colleague Francesco Donadello to see the concert, and Francesco’s guest this evening was composer Dustin O’Halloran (Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ O.S.T.). Through a strange twist of backstage conversations surrounding passport cache conundrums, and love of Italian gastronomy, a curious friendship began that now has brought forth an offspring of truly curative compositions for the world to savour.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Requiem For The Static King Part One (Official Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Genre: Guitarist

  1. Sunday, November 09 7:30 PM (All ages)

Adrian Belew (born Robert Steven Belew, December 23, 1949, in Covington, Kentucky) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He is perhaps best known for his work as a member of the progressive rock group King Crimson (which he has fronted since 1981) and for his unusual impressionistic approach to guitar playing (involving arresting, yet frequently melodic sounds more akin to animals and machines than to standard instrumental tones).

Widely recognized as an “incredibly versatile player”,[1] Belew has released nearly twenty solo albums for Island Records and Atlantic Records which blend Beatles-inspired pop-rock with more experimental fare. His 2005 single “Beat Box Guitar” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category. In addition to being a member of King Crimson, he is also in the more straightforward pop band The Bears and fronted his own band, “Gaga”, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He has worked extensively as a session and touring musician, most famously with Talking Heads, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails.

Belew has recently moved into instrument design, collaborating with Parker Guitars to help design his own Parker Fly signature guitar. This guitar is noticeably different from the standard design, containing advanced electronics such as a sustainer pickup and a Line 6 Variax guitar modelling system. It is also MIDI-capable, allowing it to be used with any synthesizer with MIDI connectivity.

African Dance Party - Featuring: Yaamba and Spirit of Ojah

Genre: World

  1. Thursday, August 07 9:00 PM (21+)

YAAMBA plays Zimbabwean dance music. They've been playing together since the 1980s. All acoustic instruments, soprano, tenor, baritone and bass.

Spirit of Ojah - led by Roger Ocquaye.  High Energy, African Funk.

Alyse Black w/ Natalie Gelman

Genre: Singer-songwriter

  1. Wednesday, August 06 7:30 PM (All ages)

Alyse' music is most frequently compared to the intense, ballsy bare guts of Adele calmed by the soft and soothing lilt of Norah Jones.

Within the last few years, Alyse Black has skyrocketed from singing on the streets of Pike Place Market to playing some of the most prestigious theaters in Austin and Seattle, performing on Seattle’s NPR station, recording a commercial for Target, and touring the country playing over 600 clubs, theaters, festivals, television shows and radio stations. She is currently her re-debut solo album with producer Mark Hallman (Carol King, Ani Difranco, Brandi Carlile).

Amy Ray w/ Phil Cook (Megafaun)

Genre: Folk , Roots Rock , Singer-songwriter

  1. Friday, August 22 8:00 PM (All ages)

Amy Ray’s progression as a singer/songwriter has taken her up and down all of the switchback trails of the South, from the dive bars of Saturday night to church on Sunday morning, with some coffeehouses and arenas along the way, too. Goodnight Tender, her first country album, integrates all of these influences in fresh, surprising ways and testifies to her range and virtuosity as an artist who is always game to follow a thread of melody into new and rugged territory.

“Although Southern Rock was standard fare at my high school in Decatur, Georgia, I didn’t really grow up with the country music I love now,” she says.

Instead, she and her high school friend, Emily Saliers, would sneak into bars with fake I.D.s and play covers until they began writing their own poetically rich folk material that made the Indigo Girls one of the most successful and enduring duos in contemporary music. They continue to grow as collaboraters, writing, recording, and touring together, and critics and listeners still marvel at their generative and resonant eloquence as artists and social activists. Meanwhile, Ray, a self-described “workaholic,” also has established a solo career, initially surprising everyone with her hard-driving songs and defiant, rocker’s growl on Stag, her first solo release in 2001, which she since has followed with Prom, Live from Knoxville, Didn’t It Feel Kinder, MVP Live, and Lung of Love.

Her extracurricular forays, musical curiosity, and jams and late-night conversations with other artists led her to conclude that punk and country are, in fact, kissing cousins.

“The Southern punks I knew listened to and got their swagger from classic country as much as anything else,” she says. “Simple country tunes, mountain songs, and heart-breaking honky-tonk sounds held the same populism and rebellion that I loved about punk rock. Neko Case and Loretta Lynn were cut from the same cloth. The Clash and Hank Williams were the heartbeat of populist songwriting. Danielle Howle and Patsy Cline were long lost blood relations. George Jones and Paul Westerberg had the same demons. There was hillbilly rock running through the veins of The Cramps.”


An Amazing African Double Bill! Noura Mint Seymali w/ Mokoomba

Genre: Afro-pop , World

Noura Mint Seymali is a nationally beloved star and one of Mauritania’s foremost musical emissaries, having begun her career, aged 13, as a supporting vocalist with her legendary step-mother Dimi Mint Abba. Reared in a culture of collision where sounds from across the Sahara, the Magreb, and West Africa coalesce in the dynamic language of the Moorish griot, Noura’s success stems from her ability to combine a rare classical mastery and a griot’s cultural authority with musical idioms that speak to the emergent realities of youth culture in West Africa and beyond. Composing for an ensemble with traditional instruments at its core—ardine (harp), tidinit (lute), and t’beul (bowl drum)— and fortified by Western bass and drum-set, Noura employs the instruments and modal structures essential to Moorish tradition while simultaneously delivering ideas within the format of the pop song, the ever-potent currency of memes in contemporary Africa.

With Mauritania’s unique cultural and geographic identity as a desert nation physically and socially between North and Sub-Saharan Africa—Noura Mint Seymali is a vital and vibrant staging post on the road from the Medinas of Fez and Algiers to the dance clubs of Bamako and Dakar and an unforgettable voice of Africa. With an already formidable international debut, at events like Festivalau-Desert (Mali), Festival Pirineos (Spain), and Festival Timitar (Morocco), and collaborations with artists like Tinariwen, Bassekou Kouyaté, and Baaba Maal, Noura Mint Seymali is steadily gaining wider recognition, determined to bring Mauritanian music to the world.

It's party time! Mokoomba has exuberant youthful energy bursting with natural talent and contagious rhythm. The six young men of Mokoomba are Zimbabwe’s next generation of hope. Mokoomba’s story is one of diversity and perseverance. The group hails from the Victoria Falls region of Zimbabwe, popular for its natural beauty, the Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya) and the world’s largest bungee jump – but not much more is generally known about the people and their culture. The region is home to the Tonga people who are one of the country’s minority groups. Most speak Tonga, which is not understood by the majority of the Ndebele and Shona speaking population. Despite coming from one of Zimbabwe’s smallest rural villages, singing in a language foreign to even their countrymen, Mokoomba have never been deterred from their dream of making music.

Musically distinct, Mokoomba combines traditional and modern instruments with a rich blend of rhythms, creating a vibrant sound consisting of not only traditional Tonga music but embracing the diverse cultures of southern Africa. Their unique style largely originates from lead vocalist Mathias Muzaza. Born to Angolan and Zambian parents, Mathias has spent his life travelling southern Africa, absorbing its music heritage into his repertoire. Fellow band members call him a walking, talking (but mostly singing) music library of southern Africa song, “Languages have always come naturally, I speak now speak 6” says Muzaza with a humble smile, “where ever I go I want to learn the songs of the people I meet, it gives me inspiration and joy”. The name Mokoomba stems from a deep respect that the Tonga people have for the Zambezi River and for the vibrant life that it brings to their music and culture.

An Evening with Terry Bozzio :: North American Tour 2014

Genre: Drummer

  1. Sunday, October 19 7:30 PM (All ages)

photo by André Ozga

Terry Bozzio celebrates the 50th anniversary of his first drum lesson with "An Evening With Terry Bozzio" coast-to-coast North American tour.  During the course of this tour, Terry Bozzio will hit over 40 cities from San Diego to Jacksonville to Montreal to Vancouver to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.  This will be a night of solo drumming and include compositions from throughout his career, as well as improvisation.  It is by no means a clinic or a workshop.  Enjoy an intimate evening of Terry Bozzio and his monster sculpture of a drum kit together for the first time in seated venues across North America.

"TERRY BOZZIO - An Evening of Solo Drum Music" is a unique, intense, dynamic, spiritualistic, melodic, orchestral, atmospheric, and musical performance on the largest tuned drum & percussion set in the world.  Unless you have seen Terry, you have no idea what you are in for.  Bozzio is an enigmatic, evocative, and engaging musician whose instrument just happens to be the drums.  Terry Bozzio is able to accompany himself with bass note patterns and, at the same time, melodically solo on top with highly developed coordination skills to express a complete musical statement on the drum set alone.  Drawing from jazz, classical, & ethnic percussion styles from around the world, Terry Bozzio is "a storyteller," able to weave a hypnotic spell over audiences and enthrall them with an eclectic experience filled with contrast, variety, intimacy, excitement, & passion.

Terry has had tremendous success with his last two Terry Bozzio solo drum performance tours in Europe (2012 included his headline show a the Jazz Festival Frankfurt – the oldest jazz festival in the world – and 2013 which included sold out performances in Sweden, Germany, Eastern Europe, and France).  Please note that this is not a bombastic 2 hour drum solo.  This is MUSIC on drums, “an evening with Terry Bozzio.”  In most of Bozzio’s works, he accompanies himself with bass lines while soloing over it melodically on the tuned toms. There is space, classical forms & structures, ambient electronic loops, and atmospheric percussion effects, as well as some exciting & fiery drumming that brings audiences to their feet!

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