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200 Trio

Genre: Jazz

The members of 200 Trio met during their time at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, guitarist Cole Schuster and bassist Greg Feingold moved to Seattle to join drummer Max Holmberg in swinging endeavors. 200 Trio is available for private parties, weddings, concerts, and more and can be found regularly performing around Seattle.

7th Annual Gimme Shelter w/ Country Lips & The Dusty 45's

Genre: Country Rock , Rock

  1. Friday, February 20 7:00 PM (All ages)

DESC is the Downtown Emergency Service Center.

A Cedar Suede w/ Maiah Manser

Genre: Everything

  1. Monday, March 09 7:30 PM (All ages)

A Cedar Suede celebrates the release of their highly anticipated debut, full-band album, The Legend of the Great T.D. Bingo: an epic saga through steamy jungles, scorched deserts, pastoral romance, and virtuosic drama.

Cinematic World-Fusion:

“…their sound is so diverse and distinct that one moment you’ll hear an Afro-Cuban beat you’re moving your feet to, and the next second you’re pondering if you’re catching a hint of bluegrass in the same song.” Seattle Art Museum

Founded in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood by Cornish alums, Harold Belskus (Guitar) and Jamie Maschler (Accordion), the two often performed as an intimate duet or trio, featuring violinist, Amanda Fitch. Rooted in Latin and Mediterranean influences, their early music consisted of simple, though rich harmonic textures with layers of impassioned improvisation. After only a few months of collaborating, they released their 2011 self-titled, self-produced, debut EP. It was immediately well-received, followed by radio play and performances across the Pacific Northwest, California, and Colorado.

The infectious appeal of this small group began to draw the attention of peers, many suggesting that the group expand in size and sound to reach their full potential. So in 2013, they gathered some of the most vibrant and talented players in the Seattle area. Additional horns and a full rhythm section seamlessly fused their classical and jazz traditions in a manner that draws respect from the most critical listeners, and still gets people up and dancing. Their music has been compared to Chic Corea, Beirut, Devotchka, and Snarky Puppy.

Each tune tells its own grand adventure, and this is just the beginning...

To pre-order The Legend of the Great T.D. Bingo, visit

25% of pre-order proceeds will benefit the Rainforest Action Network.


Maiah Manser

After experiencing Maiah perform in a dimly lit night club in October of 2013, Damon Christopher Moore of Electrokitty put out a helping hand to bring her music to fruition. After she produced the entire song herself, Maiah finally took the plunge with Damon to produce her latest single "Hold Your Head Up" in the studio. Terence Ankeny of Zoolab and Garrett Reynolds also assisted in the creation of the song with Branden Clarke polishing it in mastering.  Maiah plans to work with Damon to finish the rest of her EP coming in spring of 2015.  Her music has been compared to Bjork, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley and Florence and the Machine. For Maiah, It is essential for her to focus on the world we live in today when formulating songs. Living in a dichotomy of a digital vs. organic world, she strives to craft music that reflects this 21st century conundrum and reconcile the present in order to connect. With this, you might hear lush orchestral sounds paired with electronic beats and samples.  Likewise, she has always been drawn to visual art and finds ways to incorporate her visual aesthetics by collaborating with talented local artists such as  Joshua Taylor, Josie Simonet, Domenic Barbero, Casey Sjogren, Chelsea Rodino and many others.  Maiah has also recently recorded on tracks and co-written for Manatee Commune, The Theoretics, and Zoolab while also working with artists such as Mary Lambert, Whitney Lyman, and Pollens. 

Maiah Manser Music

A Very Special Evening with Tom and Curley

Genre: Comedy

  1. Friday, January 30 7:00 PM (All ages)

Every weekday from 9:00am to Noon John Curley and Tom Tangney delight tens of thousands of KIRO Radio listeners in the Puget Sound and from all over the country with their take on the news from Seattle and beyond. But for one night only they’re stepping out of the booth and taking the show on the road.  We invite you to join us for “A Very Special Evening with Tom and Curley.” A night of the best conversation you will ever listen in on as Tom and John bring their entertaining take on the news of the day to a select live audience on Friday January 30th from 7:30pm to 9pm.

VIP Attendees must be at least 21 years of age to access the post-show reception in the Triple Door Musicquarium.  Learn more about KIRO Radio’s “Tom & Curley” show at


Genre: Afro-pop , Jazz , Soul

Seattle trio Afrocop performs improvised soundscapes of soul, afrobeat, breakbeat, sci-fi and jazz. Chicago native Noel Brass Jr. (keys) formed the band as a means to express his psychedelic gospel leanings. Veteran Seattle players Andy Sells (FCS North, Cascadia ’10, Fascination Nation) & Carlos Tulloss (Screens, Stereo Sons, Undersea Passage) bring the beats and low end to the mix.

Alan Doyle

Genre: Pop-Rock , Roots Rock

  1. Thursday, March 05 7:30 PM (All ages)

Alan Doyle, actor, producer, newly-minted best-selling author, and best-known as lead singer for Newfoundland’s beloved Great Big Sea these past 20+ years, is set to release his second solo album, So Let’s Go, on January 20. Title-track lead single So Let’s Go, is a rousing rallying cry that’s only further proof of Doyle’s ability to draw the listener under his banner. Equally adept at drawing a crowd, Doyle will be embarking on a North American tour upon album release.

Made in collaboration with Thomas ‘Tawgs’ Salter (Lights, Walk Off The Earth), Jerrod Bettis (Adele, Serena Ryder), Gordie Sampson (Keith Urban, Willie Nelson), and Joe Zook (OneRepublic, Katy Perry), the album follows Doyle’s first solo outing, Boy On Bridge, released in 2012. “If there’s an over-arching theme on this record, it’s one of optimism...not that this is in contrast to my previous doom- laden songs!” laughs Doyle, who says this album is freer than Boy On Bridge in the respect of being open to all influences. “On my last solo record I wanted to explore musical backyards of friends of mine in different parts of the musical world. It was as much a physical as a musical journey away from home. On So Let’ s Go, folks will hear much more stuff from my backyard and all the traditional and Celtic influences I grew up with, married with the most contemporary collaborators out there.” A non-traditional marriage for Doyle was writing his first book simultaneously with the album, the best-selling memoir Where I Belong, released last month.

The album’s eponymous song is consistent with Alan Doyle’s ethos: we’re lucky to be here so let’s make the most of it. This spirit also infuses the heartfelt Take Us Home while Sins of a Saturday

Night celebrates a come-what-may approach. The album also gets reflective in moments, such as the plaintive Laying Down To Perish, inspired by a visit to Fogo Island. As a whole, So Let’s Go remains consistent with Alan Doyle’s enthusiasm for the wider world combined with a love for the comfort of home.

Alan Doyle hails from Petty Harbour, NL, and formed Great Big Sea in 1993 with Sean McCann, Bob Hallett, and Darrell Power, in which they fused traditional Newfoundland music with their own pop sensibilities. Their nine albums, double-disc hits retrospective, and two DVD releases have been declared Gold or Platinum and have sold a combined 1.2 million copies in Canada. So Let’s Go continues to cement Alan Doyle’s reputation as one of our country’s most treasured musicians and storytellers. “I always want people to have the greatest night of their life when the house lights go down.”

Alma y Azúcar

Genre: Latin , Salsa

Alma y Azúcar brings you an exquisite and passionate selection of Latin styles and flavors. From the bouncy feel of 'Perfidia' and 'Quizas' to the passionate tango version of 'Besame Mucho', the sultry bossa nova 'Waters of March' and the salsa sound of 'Bemba Colorá' or 'Oye Como Va', these tunes have captured hearts and entertained internationally for decades.

One of the most striking things about Alma Villegas is her ability to honor the rich traditions of the various Latin genres that she performs, without being singularly defined by them. With her band Alma y Azucar, Alma masterfully integrates beloved Latin rhythmic styles including Cha Cha, Bossa Nova, Tango, Son, Rumba, Salsa, Samba and more with more contemporary influences, resulting in what she calls Latin music for everyone.

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Alma grew up with a range of musical influences that included 70s disco, American show tunes, pop, Mariachi and traditional Boleros, which her mother, also a vocalist, would sometimes sing. Alma has been singing professionally since 2001, when she joined the popular Seattle salsa band Camabalache. Soon thereafter, she was hired as one of three lead vocalists with the 12-piece Cuban ensemble Yerba Buena. While working with Yerba Buena, Alma began venturing out with her own groups, playing in wine bars, nightspots and other venues. Stepping up as a bandleader allowed Alma the opportunity to explore a broader palette of expression, while opening her up to a bigger and more diverse audience. Thus, Alma y Azucar was born. With Alma at the front, the band also features esteemed Seattle musicians Fred Hoadley (piano, tres, backup vocals), Steve Okimoto (bass), Ricardo Guity (percussion, backup vocals) and Steve Motsovoy (trumpet, backup vocals).

In 2013, Alma had the extraordinary honor of performing as one of the lead vocalists for the Seattle Peace Chorus production of Canto General,a sweeping 12-movement suite inspired by the Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda. Alma describes the music as some of the most beautiful that she has ever heard but also some of the most complicated, with challenging meter changes and complex vocal parts. Alma welcomed the opportunity to try something new and different. After two successful performances in Seattle-at Town Hall and at Cleveland High School. Alma was invited to travel with the choir to Chile, where they performed three concerts between Santiago and the southern town of Temuco.

Alma has released two CDs to date, Alma Villegas (2006) and Alma y Azucar (2010). Both recordings offer lush renditions of favorite songs from a variety of Latin countries, reflecting the unique beauty and passion of all of the cultures therein. Alma y Azucar have performed at many Seattle top music venues, as well as festivals throughout Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and New York.

Alma is presently working on a musical retrospective and educational show on the legendary Cuban vocalist Celia Cruz. Cruz, or La Reina de la Salsa, was a flamboyant and joyful figure, who rose to prominence in the Latin music scene of the 50s and continued a successful career right up until her death at age seventy-seven. The show, which is partially funded by 4Culture, will feature songs and stories and interactive activities for students to experiment with their own identify and culture.

An Evening with David Lindley

Genre: Everything , Folk

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley performs music that redefines the word "eclectic." Lindley, well known for his many years as the featured accompanist with Jackson Browne, and leader of his own band El Rayo-X, has long championed the concept of world music. The David Lindley electro-acoustic performance effortlessly combines American folk, blues, and bluegrass traditions with elements from African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy, and Turkish musical sources. Lindley incorporates an incredible array of stringed instruments including but not limited to Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and chumbus, Middle Eastern oud, and Irish bouzouki. The eye-poppingly clad "Mr. Dave's" uncanny vocal mimicry and demented sense of humor make his onstage banter a highlight of the show.

David Lindley grew up in southern California, first taking up the banjo as a teenager, and subsequently winning the annual Topanga canyon banjo and fiddle contest five times as he explored the American folk music tradition. between 1967 and 1971 Lindley founded and lead what must now be seen as the first world music rock band, the Kaleidoscope. In 1971, Mr. Dave joined forces with Jackson Browne, serving as Jackson's most significant musical co-conspirator until 1981. In 1979, Lindley had begun working with old friend Ry Cooder on 'Bop Till you Drop' and 'The Long Riders' sound track, a musical collaboration that lasts to this day, and has spawned many recording projects and several world tours as an acoustic duo.

In 1981, Lindley created his own remarkable Band El Rayo-X, which integrated American roots music and world beat with a heavy reggae influence. 'El Rayo-X', 'Win This Record' and 'Very Greasy', as well as a live e.p. during this period he also came forth with a solo album, 'Mr. Dave'. Lindley and guitarist Henry Kaiser went to Madagascar for two weeks in 1991 and recorded six albums of indigenous Malagasy music (including two collaborative cd's, 'A World Out of Time' volumes one and two on Shanachie) which proved to have a major impact on the world music scene, both for the quality of the Grammy nominated music recorded, and the fair and ethical way the Malagasy musicians were dealt with. Throughout this long and distinguished career, Lindley has been one of Hollywood's most in demand session musicians, lending his skills to the recorded works of Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Crosby and Nash, Warren Zevon, and many others.

Anna Coogan / Carrie Akre

Genre: Everything , Folk , Singer-songwriter

After twelve years playing solo and in country bands in post-grunge Seattle, Anna Coogan moved to Ithaca, NY in 2011. After seeing the Johnny Dowd Band perform during her first month in town, Anna traded in her acoustic guitar for a 1979 Stratocaster and submerged herself in Ithaca’s thriving experimental rock scene. Willie B, a fellow Bostonian and Dowd’s longtime drummer, joined Anna in early 2013 for a show supporting Taj Mahal at the State Theater in Ithaca, along with musical powerhouse JD Foster (Calexico, Patty Griffin, Marc Ribot) on bass. Scheduling conflicts prevent Foster from joining them further, and Anna and Willie began to shift towards performing as a duo with Willie holding down the rhythm section.

Willie, best known for incorporating bass pedals into his drum set up and playing drums and bass at the same time, has spent years on the road with Johnny Dowd, Jamie Lidell, and Neko Case, including six weeks on the road with Lidell supporting Elton John.  Anna, who trained classically in Austria and worked for years as a fisheries biologist, has been building a career as an alternate-folk singer on stages across the world for most of the last decade. She was noted by the Times of London as a must-see touring act of the 2013 UK festival season and has performed live on the BBC, KEXP, and Germany’s largest radio station, WDR 4. Her music has been described as “absolutely gorgeous” by the BBC and given 4 Stars by the Daily Telegraph.

Anna and Willie reunited with Foster in the waning months of 2013, to create “The Birth of the Stars” an album of nine original songs co-written with Foster, to be released around the world in October 2014. They continue to write and record and will be releasing more music in early 2015.

It was in the late 1980’s we first heard Carrie Akre’s voice come out of the Seattle grunge scene as the lead singer of Hammerbox.Her sultry and melodic voice breathed new life into the grunge movement, something that we hadn’t heard before in the very male dominated scene.Hammerbox released two albums, Hammerbox and Numb, before splitting up in 1995. It wasn’t long though and Carrie was back, singing lead for her new band Goodness. They released three albums before disbanding in 2005. Her time in these bands earned her the title as, “The Queen of Seattle Music”. In addition to a solo career, Carrie joined the Rockfords (a side project started by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready) and also collaborated with the The Best Kissers in the World, Radio Nationals, Curtains for You and The Smithereens. Her latest record, Last the Evening, was released in 2007 on Loveless Records. Currently, Carrie is launching a new Kickstarter on Halloween 2014, teaching Creative Classes to support the creative minded and performing around the Seattle area. By Marcye Mokler

Ari Joshua Band

Genre: Funk , Jazz

A uniquely diverse palette, the ability to transcend musical languages, masterful technique and a refreshing sense of artistic urgency make Ari Joshua a compelling young musician to watch. Currently residing in the Northwest, Ari performs regularly and can be seen and heard on guitar with his new underground rock band Big High, AriSawkaDoria - an Experimental Trio, and dozens of other unique projects that span genre and style.

Ari was born in Cape Town, South Africa but his early days as an artist were spent in Seattle, WA., where he grew up and first discovered his musical calling. His hard work and raw talent were quickly recognized, and Ari was awarded a scholarship to study music on the East Coast after high school. "Moving to New York and studying music for 5 years was one of the richest experiences of my life," says Ari. "It was from my fellow students and mentors at the New School, and Mason Gross School of the Arts that I began to appreciate the true power of musical expression."

Despite being relatively under the radar, Birds of a Feather, Ari Joshua has recorded and performed and rubbed shoulders with a list that reads like a highly diverse who's who of the music scene today: Robert Glasper, Stone Gossard, Joe Doria, Michael Kang, Kevin Sawka, Michael Shrieve, The Benevento Russo Duo, EJ and Marcus Strickland, Reggie Watts, DJ Swamp, Blake Lewis, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tom Morello, Mike McCready, Skerik, Matt Butler's Everyone Orchestra, David Tiller, Matt Sircely, New Monsoon, David Brogen (ALO), Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel), Handful of Lovin, Richie Beirach, Kenny Barron, Reggie Workman, Ted Dunbar, Jack Wilkins, Vic Juris, Hal Galper, Jimmy Owens, Milo Petersen, George Garzone, Armen Donelian, Richard Boukas, Bobby Sanabria, Bill Kirshner, Jimmy Cobb, Gary Dial, Classical Guitarist Virginia Luque, Ralph Peterson, Noah Baerman, Larry Ridly, Mike Richmond, Ralph Bowen, Bill Fielder, Badal Roy, Robert Bedford, and many, many more.

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