Paul Filinson w/ Dave Benedict and Brandt Parke

Paul Filinson w/ Dave Benedict and Brandt Parke

Genres: Folk


Paul Filinson is an American singer/songwriter who studied voice with Judy Davis in Oakland California. Judy was the vocal coach to Barbra Streisand, Steve Perry, and other notables.

After a stint as lead singer in Brother Sky band in the 90’s, Paul began his solo career. He continues writing and recording in the Seattle area and has recently released his EP “Come and see me”.

Dave Benedict is a songwriter based in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Drawing inspiration from the PNW and its people, songs are crafted with guitars, pianos and horns and formed in the vein of rock, folk, and alternative music. Playing as a duo with Heidi Biggs

Brandt Parke is a musician and songwriter based in the greater Seattle area. He has played with many bands, organizations, and groups over the years, and now focuses on his solo career, collaborations, and his rock band Mister Master.

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